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One of the few problems with Smashwords is that once you submit a document, it’s published!  So you have to be ready with corrections right away!

But there are a couple of partial ways to test out your epub before you submit it to Smashwords.

First, use the free/shareware app “Calibre.”

For Smashwords, following instructions in the The Smashwords Style Guide, you format, and mostly DE-format your Microsoft Word file, so it is in a basic form that gets along well with ebook readers.

Once you have done this,  you can take your file into Calibre and see how it will look in an ebook reader. This can be especially important if you are using images in your book, because they can sometimes wind up in unpredictable places.

To test a word.doc file, open Calibre
Click the top left menu item, Add Books
When the book has been added, Go up to the top and click on Convert Books, leaving all the settings as they are.
After the book has been converted, select the title, and click View, and you will be able to see you ebook in action.

If you find any mistakes, go back to your Word file, and correct them there.

Of course, Calibre can do a lot more than this. This powerful little software will allow you to do a number of transformations on epubs, including serving as a convenient ebook reader.

Second, if you want to make a really thorough final check, after your file is completed, go to and select the file from your desktop. That should show you any remaining problems. Or you can just wait and see if Smashwords finds any issues, otherwise, you are clear.